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Boho Chic-a term I dislike.


I don’t know why I have such a hate-on for the term boho chic.  Perhaps because it all seems a bit contrived,  both the fashion style and the decor style.  The boho chic decor style has a stiff look.  It looks styled and that is exactly what bohemianism is not.  There is also a tendency for there to be far too much pink for my taste.

Having said that, I sometimes find images labeled boho chic where I can find something appealing, be it one or two items, or the colours.  I just wouldn’t copy the whole look.

source unknown to me

Someone with a true bohemian spirit decorates with abandon, or is artistically minimalist, living only with basic supplies and what is needed for her art, whereas bohemian chic is all about adding a few kilims or the bright colours to your mixed modern and vintage decor.


These are all pretty rooms.  It just irritates me that term boho chic.  It tries too hard.