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YIKES I’m a Fashion Victim!


I don’t like to be trendy.  I can resist the allure of sunburst mirrors and I didn’t feel the urge to paint everything turquoise, but sometimes a trend just happens to be something I truly love.


I love the ampersand.  I even love its name.  I love cursive writing and calligraphy so I guess it just follows that something as beautifully curved and swirled as an ampersand, one symbol that represents a full word in the way that Asian characters do, would appeal to me.  It should be noted that I also like the OM symbol and the Yin/Yang.

The most popular ampersand style is this one, seen above and below in this wall art available at Target.

There is ampersand string art…….

Elegant wooden ampersands.  (Every time I type that word I say it softly to myself….ampersand)


Ampersand jewlery:

But I have to wait.  I have to wait until the ampersand is long past outdated.  I love the ampersand.  But I wouldn’t be caught dead with one in my home decor.  Maybe those earrings though……..