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Boho Chic-a term I dislike.


I don’t know why I have such a hate-on for the term boho chic.  Perhaps because it all seems a bit contrived,  both the fashion style and the decor style.  The boho chic decor style has a stiff look.  It looks styled and that is exactly what bohemianism is not.  There is also a tendency for there to be far too much pink for my taste.

Having said that, I sometimes find images labeled boho chic where I can find something appealing, be it one or two items, or the colours.  I just wouldn’t copy the whole look.

source unknown to me

Someone with a true bohemian spirit decorates with abandon, or is artistically minimalist, living only with basic supplies and what is needed for her art, whereas bohemian chic is all about adding a few kilims or the bright colours to your mixed modern and vintage decor.


These are all pretty rooms.  It just irritates me that term boho chic.  It tries too hard.



YIKES I’m a Fashion Victim!


I don’t like to be trendy.  I can resist the allure of sunburst mirrors and I didn’t feel the urge to paint everything turquoise, but sometimes a trend just happens to be something I truly love.


I love the ampersand.  I even love its name.  I love cursive writing and calligraphy so I guess it just follows that something as beautifully curved and swirled as an ampersand, one symbol that represents a full word in the way that Asian characters do, would appeal to me.  It should be noted that I also like the OM symbol and the Yin/Yang.

The most popular ampersand style is this one, seen above and below in this wall art available at Target.

There is ampersand string art…….

Elegant wooden ampersands.  (Every time I type that word I say it softly to myself….ampersand)


Ampersand jewlery:

But I have to wait.  I have to wait until the ampersand is long past outdated.  I love the ampersand.  But I wouldn’t be caught dead with one in my home decor.  Maybe those earrings though……..

Basket Chairs.


Basket chairs are my latest lust.  I used to want a hammock but now I want a hanging basket chair.  I love baskets, so why not add a chair to my collection?




Indoors our out, freestanding or suspended from a tree.  They all look appealing to me!


I’m hungry for more images and will add them to this blog when I find them.  Not to mention pinterest.

Easy DIY Pillow Cover


I bought a couple of 100% wool sweaters at the thrift shop recently.  Men’s because I love the colours and patterns that are so often used in men’s sweaters.  My intention was to felt the wool, which is best done with a machine knit sweater.  A trip through the washing machine and dryer gave me felted wool with no effort beyond pushing buttons.  Then I cut the sleeves off and trimmed the body into two matching squares and sewed them together to make a pillow cover.

Easy Peasy.  One down, one more to go.



I am now mulling over various ideas for using up the sleeves.

I’m a Chicken Chick.


I have always wanted chickens.  I don’t know how to look after them; it would definitely be a learning experience.  Of all the chickens I see images of, there are two that really appeal.


One is Rhode Island Reds


The other is called a Sicilian Buttercup.


Then I discovered the Buff Orpington .



The Barred Plymouth Rock


And the adorable Frizzle.



While I like the appearance of all the chickens, my reading so far indicates they are also good tempered birds and easily handled. Usually.  There is always the possibility of getting a grumpy chicken.



How lovely to let the girls wander around eating slugs!



I think I will need this book.





Colours in the Garden


One of my favourite colour combinations with flowers is red and purple.


In my part of the world oriental poppies and bearded iris bloom around the same time and thus make a pretty pairing.


I like this combination in tulips too.




Or red tulips with other purple flowers such as primulas or honesty.

The beautiful fuchsia plant knows that purple and red is a stunning combination.



If I ever get married again, my bouquet will have these flowers in it.  So stunning.