Crazy for Kilim


Anyone who knows me knows I am not a trendy person.  I dislike most trends and really dislike the idea of being trendy on purpose.  In fact it annoys me when something I like or do becomes trendy because then I just look like a follower.  On the other hand, when something I like becomes trendy that does make it more readily available so I should take advantage of that.  And EVEN BETTER, that usually means that in a few years it will show up in the thrift shops.

So word on the street is that kilim is trending and most likely to show up in cushions and toss pillows.   I didn’t know it had ever been out of trend so as to require a comeback.  I don’t care either way.  I will just take any opportunity to get more and to get it cheap.

image via Pottery Barn


image from Elle Decor via here


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