I love fireplaces, not only how they look, but the whole experience of them.  I have nearly always had a wood burning fireplace and am currently missing a fireplace so much I would even settle for a gas one.  Nothing beats the sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace but they aren’t considered “green” so new ones aren’t built and old ones get converted.

We got a taste of spring and then this past week it got cold and wet again.  I’m dreaming of a fireplace, the sight and sound and smell of one.  The link with this image below will take you to an article all about how wood burning fireplaces are banned in Montreal for environmental reasons.

I grew up with fireplaces that looked sort of like this.

When I buy a house I am really hoping for a wood burning fireplace though it would probably be more practical if it is converted to gas.  A single woman with a health problem is not a good candidate for chopping wood.

A wood stove apparently burns so hot it doesn’t pollute the way a fireplace does, and they are cute, but I just know my cat would jump up on it and burn her paws.

image via

So I am altering my dreams and dreaming of a gas fireplace.  It’s still warm.  It still looks nice.  It just doesn’t have the sound and smell I love.  Sigh….

image via A Good Century

So, I know it’s spring, but where I live it can be fireplace season any time of the year.  It chases away the damp.


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