Road Trip Dreams-It’s not where you go; it’s how good your camper looks.


image via

I would love an airstream but I think a van would be more practical and manageable.  My dream is to spend a year driving around North America.

But I have to make the interior look like this. I’m sure the cost would be high, but imagine having custom wood cabinets built into a camper van.  So much nicer than laminated particle board.  Maybe I should retro-fit a small bus.

image via dogmouth,net

image via

image via

And interiors like this are going to need some serious help…….

image via

Like moroccan textiles to recover the seat cushions.

image via

Something to cover those cabinet doors-paint or a paisley wallpaper perhaps.

Some antique rugs, small ones layered on top of each other.

image via


I will need some lace, perhaps as trim on some curtains.

image via

Beads and bead curtains will be needed.

There should be colourful pillows and quilts for the bed.

image via


I’m ready to get on the road in style!


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