Crush Party has a great post on books and beautiful book displays. I could settle into this room for a few hours of reading, though I would have to add more pillows.

Find creative crate shelves here.

I would love to make a shelf out of crates like this.  There isn’t much in the way of salvaged materials in my town.  This one was originally on eBay.  I would love to get my hands on some crates and pallets.

The lamp and the cushions aren’t quite my taste but I love the basic idea of this cozy sofa nest to the bookshelf full of great things to read.

I would love to have a gorgeous staircase like this one, and I’m sure I could pile it with books like this too.

image via Moon to Moon

Or like this one.

One of my favourite blogs, Bohemian Hellhole, features this book shelf which the very talented blogger created in her basement.  I have always loved bookshelves built in like that and I’m so envious.

I love this site

And even simple shelves appeal to me.  These are very elegant, but where is the comfy sofa?

image via

It looks a bit more like this around my place.

image source unknown to me

The main reason I lack shelves is because I refuse to compromise with particleboard.  So I surf the net and dream as I look at cozy libraries and beautiful bookshelves.

Okay, here is one book shelf I might not fill, simply because reclaimed shelves and brick walls are as beautiful as books.


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