Kitchen Dreams


It seems I have spent my entire adult life dreaming of kitchens.  It is the one room where I have usually had to make do with what I have and had little opportunity to personalize it.  There have been various reasons for this over the years and in the different kitchens I have lived with.  Sometimes it was a rental in which I was not allowed to paint or  make any changes.  Then it was a home in which a husband had significant input about style and budget.  I had two years living with what might have been close to my dream kitchen.  Two years before Ileft my  husband we had renovated our home including the kitchen and although we worked with the limitations of the home’s footprint and the design was a reflection of our combined taste, it was a beautiful kitchen with character and fabulous appliances.

Now I am in a rental apartment.  My kitchen is actually quite good for an apartment.  It isn’t a galley, although it has that same entrance on both ends that a typical apartment galley kitchen has.  It is square and was renovated just before I moved in so it has new cabinetry and plenty of it.  It is a mid range quality, warm white laminated and highly washable cupboards in a country look.  The floor is faux wood vinyl and the counters are laminate in a reddish/terra cotta colour.  The tile backsplash is white and so are the basic, apartment sized appliances.  It’s clean and bright and a little bit country, not enough rock and roll.

I needed to add colour and since the stock cabinetry doesn’t go to the ceiling I have put a variety of colourful items up there, glass vessels, some baskets and tins and colourful decorative plates.  I have one glass door cupboard so I filled it with attractive dishes.  My biggest frustration is that there is very little wall space to decorate and no extra floor space in which to add a funky cabinet or rustic shelf.  The trade off is tons of cabinet space.

So I dream of my future kitchen in that house I hope to buy in a year or two.  Unlike all the buyers on HGTV shows I do not want my home to be “move in ready”.  I don’t want a “high end” kitchen done in someone else’s taste and idea of high end.  I dream, with the help of the internet, my favourite blogs having taken the place of magazines because I can search out only those images that suit my taste, rather than find one small article in  amongst many others that don’t suit me.

I do have some country leanings.  I love the wood countertops, the cup shelf, the bead board  and the painted cabinets in this picture, although I would probably not pursue such a classically country look. I wouldn’t be able to keep darker colours and rich tile out of the decor.

But my collection of favoured photos definitely shows a bohemian country leaning.

image via

I’m not sure about that particular shade of red, and there is a glossiness to this kitchen that doesn’t do it for me, yet I am drawn to it.  I love the style of the cabinets, the contrast between painted cupboards and a natural wood island, the bamboo shades and the beaded chandelier.

image via Moon to Moon

There is too much white here for me, but this looks like a place where I would live.

image via Moon to Moon

image via

I am always attracted to shaker or mission style cabinets in natural wood, apron sinks and big windows. But I need colour.

image via

image via Moon to Moon

But I love how this kitchen with the pink fridge looks unique to the individual and not like a showroom.  I want a kitchen that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

It’s not so much the layout or the actual pieces here that I love, but the fact that her kitchen is full of personality and I seem to be drawn to a little bit of clutter.  It’s attractive clutter.  I’ts visually busy but not messy.

I have always loved unfitted kitchens.  There is so much room for expressing your personality.

image via

I love, love, love this kitchen above, but it is all too pale for my taste.  Bring on the plants and some gorgeous tile.  Paint those cabinets darker or paint the wall unit and stain the island.  Bring on the colourful crockery.  An English country style kitchen always attracts me.

image via

image via

My kitchen requires some vintage appliances or vintage look.  Not in pastels though.

An antique pine table will be required too.   This one is from Heathfield Antiques in the UK.  I’ll have to look a littler closer to home.

I’ll add some weathered open shelving with colourful crockery.

image via

And some pieces with an industrial look.

image via

image via

And an antique dresser and hutch.

I want my next kitchen to be unique, personal and very me.  I do love to cook so it needs to function well, but how it looks matters to me too.


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