Kaffe Fassett


I am inspired by Kaffe Fassett, who is multi-talented and a lover of colour.  I can’t claim the former status but I do claim the latter.

image via kaffefassett.com

A serious artist who dared to venture into crafts, he paints, knits, quilts, works in tile mosaic, needlepoint and designs fabrics and rugs too.

Circles are in right now but I have always had a fondness for squares.  I love how this quilt reminds me of tiles.

image via fuckyeahquiltz.tumblr.com

And this Kaffe Fassett paisley should have been on my previous post, Paisley Passion.

image via twinsgarden.de

A Kaffe Fassett pouf; now that’s funny!  But I want it!

image via designmuseum.se

image via openlibrary.org

I own this book and am crazy about broken tile mosaic and determined to do some this summer.  I have a collection of tiles but am disappointed in their neutral colours.   I can’t bring myself to smash up china that I like and if I don’t like it, why would I want something tiled in it.

image via weheartit.com

image via luxinteriordesigns.com

image via kaffefassett.com

Images below from art-monie.blogspot.com

He also designs yarns of the very kind I fall for, multi-coloured soft wools like these found at whichcraft.co.uk

My head head spins with ideas whenever I see Kaffe Fassett’s work and I love how he has a signature style that doesn’t bend to trends.  I’ll close with some of his paintings, the artistic expression with which Kaffe began his career.  Images via itkupilli-inspirations.blogspot.com


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