Love it But Can’t Live With it!


The blogs I visit offer various methods of leaving a comment.  On some of them, I have yet to figure out where the link for leaving a comment is, on a couple of them no  matter how many times I try I am always told that my letters do not match the given and apparently I am suspected of being a robot.  I always have success leaving a comment when I have the option to choose entering my name but when I have to use a Google ID (which i don’t have) or Open ID, which prompts me to leave my blog address, my success is hit and miss.  One of those blogs on which I am so far unable to comment is Mix and Chic where I came across a great post on designer Steven Gambrel.

I love the images shown and really I do often admire the work of this designer, yet I could not live with it.  Or rather, if I did live with it you would not recognize it as his work after I moved in.  It is beautifully proportioned, not too spare and not too cluttered, elegant, timeless, usually understated, and just not me.  Am I the only one who admires design so different from my personal style?  Because of this it took me a long time to accept and embrace my personal style.  Perhaps it is the difference between what I can live in and what truly feels like home.

Check out this great blog for more beautiful images of Steven Gambrel design.  These images below are the rooms I am drawn too but would soon have strewn with colourful textiles and art, candles and moroccan lamps,  the kitchens  filled with colourful crockery and glassware.

All images below are Steven Gambrel design via Mix and Chic.


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