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Crazy for Kilim


Anyone who knows me knows I am not a trendy person.  I dislike most trends and really dislike the idea of being trendy on purpose.  In fact it annoys me when something I like or do becomes trendy because then I just look like a follower.  On the other hand, when something I like becomes trendy that does make it more readily available so I should take advantage of that.  And EVEN BETTER, that usually means that in a few years it will show up in the thrift shops.

So word on the street is that kilim is trending and most likely to show up in cushions and toss pillows.   I didn’t know it had ever been out of trend so as to require a comeback.  I don’t care either way.  I will just take any opportunity to get more and to get it cheap.

image via Pottery Barn


image from Elle Decor via here


Dreaming of Garden Escapes


It’s raining today.  At least it’s a spring rain but it has persisted all day and I am left dreaming of drier days and a garden oasis to while away  my time in.

I love  a private garden area like these.


image via moon to moon








Super Easy DIY Throw


I can’t really claim that I made this, but I’m going to.  I found a piece of fabric at the thrift shop.  It is wool or a wool blend and it was the right size to use as a throw.  I can wrap myself up in it quite cozily.  But I had to make it look like a throw and not just a big piece of fabric.

So I picked out a fringe at either end.

And here it is, THROWN on my sofa.

A pretty plaid throw for $8



I love fireplaces, not only how they look, but the whole experience of them.  I have nearly always had a wood burning fireplace and am currently missing a fireplace so much I would even settle for a gas one.  Nothing beats the sound and smell of a wood burning fireplace but they aren’t considered “green” so new ones aren’t built and old ones get converted.

We got a taste of spring and then this past week it got cold and wet again.  I’m dreaming of a fireplace, the sight and sound and smell of one.  The link with this image below will take you to an article all about how wood burning fireplaces are banned in Montreal for environmental reasons.

I grew up with fireplaces that looked sort of like this.

When I buy a house I am really hoping for a wood burning fireplace though it would probably be more practical if it is converted to gas.  A single woman with a health problem is not a good candidate for chopping wood.

A wood stove apparently burns so hot it doesn’t pollute the way a fireplace does, and they are cute, but I just know my cat would jump up on it and burn her paws.

image via

So I am altering my dreams and dreaming of a gas fireplace.  It’s still warm.  It still looks nice.  It just doesn’t have the sound and smell I love.  Sigh….

image via A Good Century

So, I know it’s spring, but where I live it can be fireplace season any time of the year.  It chases away the damp.

Creative Kitchens


I have always loved filing cabinets and the idea of using them as kitchen cabinetry isn’t new, but today I’m documenting my intention of doing it someday.  Here are my inspirations.


original idea and instructions here.



image via

I’ve seen this image on both Houzz and Apartment Therapy.  I love the gunmetal grey colour with the wood.



image via






Contemporary Lovely


I am not usually attracted to a contemporary interior, although I do like a bit of the industrial look.   I would never achieve the uncluttered and minimal colour palette of a contemporary design but in the end it is probably the individual elements that I love anyhow and could incorporate them into my own style.

I love the images of this home I found featured on one of my regularly visited blogs.  Here are the images I fell for and you can see more if you follow the link.

Mix and Chic

I think I might need therapy to figure out what attracts me in these images where not a kilim rug, squishy velvet sofa or beaded curtain is in sight.  And where are the house plants?

I probably couldn’t live with it, but I like it.  It looks warm and inviting.  I could hang out in that kitchen.

Road Trip Dreams-It’s not where you go; it’s how good your camper looks.


image via

I would love an airstream but I think a van would be more practical and manageable.  My dream is to spend a year driving around North America.

But I have to make the interior look like this. I’m sure the cost would be high, but imagine having custom wood cabinets built into a camper van.  So much nicer than laminated particle board.  Maybe I should retro-fit a small bus.

image via dogmouth,net

image via

image via

And interiors like this are going to need some serious help…….

image via

Like moroccan textiles to recover the seat cushions.

image via

Something to cover those cabinet doors-paint or a paisley wallpaper perhaps.

Some antique rugs, small ones layered on top of each other.

image via


I will need some lace, perhaps as trim on some curtains.

image via

Beads and bead curtains will be needed.

There should be colourful pillows and quilts for the bed.

image via


I’m ready to get on the road in style!