Floor Plans: Cozy vs Open


I suppose it’s because I’m a bit of a loner and definitely an introvert, although I love my friends and family and I do like them to come over and visit and I do love to cook for people, but I just don’t really get the passion for open floor plans and the way everyone seems to want space and layout suitable for entertaining.  Is the rest of the world really more social than I am?  I might entertain a couple of times a year, five times at the most.  I am drawn to rooms that are cozy places to curl up with my book, a window seat where I can look out into my garden and dream of spring, and I don’t want the noise and clutter of the kitchen to be viewed from the living room or the dining table.  Perhaps I need to learn not to be such a messy cook.

The other objection I have to open floor plans is the lack of wall surfaces for art and for putting shelves, pianos or desks up against.  And since I am most likely to want to read while I relax on my sofa, I need reading lamps on my side tables.  Where do I plug them in if my furniture is all floating in the middle of the room?


image via southernliving.com

This is pretty, and typical of popular taste.  Some homes offer a formal living room and dining room in addition to this great room concept, but when space is limited, the popular choice is still to open everything up.  I can just imagine myself buying a house and putting walls back!

And those lamps!  They are probably plugged into outlets in the floor.  That means a view of the cords from the kitchen side and limitations in furniture arrangement.

image via dexknows.com

And this just wouldn’t feel like home to me.  It looks like a hotel lobby.  I guess the open concept is why pot lights became so ubiquitous, and if they have dimmers I wouldn’t mind, but I like the coziness of lamps, not to mention the opportunity to add to the decor.  This home lacks personality.  There is no art on the walls, although that might be due to this being an image from a site about how to paint your walls in an open floor plan.  I do like the wall colour but please, put some giant textiles on that wall.

image via archithings.net

image via archithings.net

These images are from a small one bedroom apartment, so the open floor plan helps to make it feel more spacious.  I would still want to do something to get rid of that bowling alley look and to make the kitchen less visible.

It must be my antisocial nature.  I hear people say they don’t want to be in the kitchen cut off from everyone else.  I guess I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t mind that.  I like my kitchen to have a place for someone to sit and keep me company but I don’t need a whole party in there.

image via homergo.com


This cozy space calls to me.  I would very happily curl up with my cat and my book and my knitting here.  It looks like it’s also a good place to play with my dinosaurs and use my crayons.

image via pinterest.com

This one has my name all over it!

I am always drawn to moody colours, dim lighting (but large windows are nice) warm colours and a significant lack of white. (Not to mention those popular pops of colour)

image via updatedallas.com

I suppose since my style is colourful and cluttered in a gypsy-bohemian kind of way, I don’t like the rooms to compete with each other.  I love an eclectic kitchen full of personality and colour.  My dream kitchen would definitely have room for two cooks and a kitchen table

image via moon to moon

image via moon to moon

image via moon to moon

image via moon to moon

I wouldn’t choose exactly the colours but the general idea of this kitchen appeals to me.

image via the kitchendesigner.org

When I win the lottery I might have a kitchen like this, which is obviously spacious but has been given a cozy look and feel.  I don’t think I would put a desk right by the stove, though.



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