Paisley Passion


If I have a favourite print is it paisley.  I loved it long before I knew what it was called; as far as I can recall I have loved it all my life.

image via

At  a site called A Textile Lover’s Diary with plenty of interesting information on my favourite design.

image via A Textile Lover's Diary

There’s paisley for lovers of contemporary design. (Usually not me)

image also via Brewster wallpaper

image via

Things look a little more like this chair, around my place, as I own a few paisley shawls and throws.

image via

I love faded vintage paisley and also seem particularly drawn to reds.  My ex got to keep two fantastic red and gold paisley sofas when we split.  At least I am allowed to visit and sit on them sometimes.

But I also love this mod 60s looking paisley in blue and green.  Probably, it reminds me of my childhood.  I would wallpaper a small wall in it, like a foyer or powder room.

Believe it or not, this one below is ceramic tile.  Anything that can support a design can be done in paisley.

image via

image via

I find some of my favourite images on and bohemian rooms are bound to have a dash of paisley in them.  I’ll finish of this post with some more images via thatbohemiangirl


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