Spring Greens in a Basket


I have three window box style basket planters that work well sitting on the ledge of my balcony.  I’m too lazy to run out and take a photo so I have found one that shows a very similar basket to mine.

Mine are a little longer and since they have spent one or two seasons outdoors, a little less pristine looking.

This year I am going to plant them with a mixture of edible flowers and greens.  I am growing them all from seed so that means I will have to wait for them to look good, but it will be another month before I spend any time out on my balcony anyhow.

Here are some of the plants I intend to grow.

image via containergardening.about.com

I love nasturtiums.  Both leaves and flowers are edible but I love them mostly for their joyful burst of colour, their pungent-sweet scent and the lily pad like leaves.

I have grown every variety I have ever seen for sale and it’s difficult to choose a favourite.  I am growing ‘Jewel Mix’ this year and I have some left over seeds of “Tall Single’ from last year that I will add for their trailing efect.  ‘Jewel Mix’ is s dwarf variety.

Jewel Mix via osborneseed.com

And there may be some Empress of India seeds left over too.  It’s quite a stunner.

image via swallowtailgardens.com

I also like to grow spinach, swiss chard and lettuces with the nasturtiums, and to mix coloured leaves or stems into my containers.

image via grow-it-organically.com

image via containergardening.about.com

Swiss Chard via extension.oregonstate.edu

lettuce "Red Sails" via davesgarden.com

If my balcony were sunnier I would grow calendula, also known as pot marigold.  The flowers are edible but I also just find them very pretty and they make great cut flowers. I didn’t have any luck with them last year on my partially shaded balcony.

image via containergardening.about.com


In my image searches I found this blog posting and had a good chuckle. Just in case you are only skilled at creating beauty and you want to get on the ugly bandwagon, go ahead and check out the helpful hints there.

image via southernliving.com

image via landrethseeds.com

image via gardeninginspirations.com

image via friendsfoodreview.com


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