Something Nobody Says


So often when I look at an image of interior design and I like it what never fails to depress me is that I cannot emulate it in my own home because I lack the splendid architecture.  Even if I owned my own home money could certainly be an obstacle to that, but currently renting an apartment is a huge impediment to my architectural desires.   I don’t live in a town full of old buildings.  That is one of the disadvantages to a small Canadian west coast town.  It’s too new. And one of the great inventions of the new world is cheap quality and shortcuts.

I’ll stop my moaning for a moment though, because I want to point out that the Emperor is naked.  So many times an image of interiors that are heralded for their great decor or design are really being substantially supported by the fantastic millwork, wood floors, large windows and the fireplace.  And don’t even get me started on beams or exposed brick walls.  I could take a room like that, throw a kilim on the floor and put a garden gnome on the mantle and be lauded for my brave minimalist style.  Certainly if I have good taste, a sense of colour and form, and get onto the trend bandwagons early, I could be considered a brilliant decorator.

I suppose it is possible for someone with very bad taste to ruin the look of a home with good bones, or to bury it in hideous things.  But one woman’s hideous is another’s fabulous.  I know this from the many design images I look at containing things I would most certainly consider to be hideous, and anyone who reads my blog knows I greatly dislike many of the trendy things.  Yes, decorative antlers, I’m talking about you.  Hello mid-century modern furniture and light fixtures.  My apologies Jonathan Adler, I’m sure your mother likes your art.

I know, I know, it is all a matter of personal taste and not everyone will like mine.  So getting back to this mater of wood floors and deep baseboards.   I just want to toss it out there, I just want us all to acknowledge, that it is easier to make such a room look good and more difficult to make it look bad.  In my contrarian sort of way, I am inclined to admire someone who can achieve the latter. Now THAT would take talent.


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