How To Think for Yourself. A Step By Step Guide.


Is it not a rather great irony, that there are websites to tell you how to be a bohemian?  If you are a true bohemian you don’t need to be told how to do it, it is just who you are.  This extends to bohemian style decor too.  It has recently been  trendy and there will always be those who love to follow the trends, but I like authenticity in bohemian decor.  The whole point is that it evolves from a person’s lifestyle, values and philosophy.  It is art you live with and create yourself, perhaps mixing in what has been created by your friends and mentors.  It is fun and a bit irreverent.

So I am offering my top five hints on how to know if you are NOT a bohemian.

You are not a bohemian if…..

You wear your hair long because that is what bohemians do.

You buy every ikat pillow and throw you can find at Urban Outfitters or West Elm.

Your condo is “boho chic” with lots of pink and white and a zebra stripe rug, ghost chairs, something made with reclaimed wood and a sunburst mirror.

The only houseplants you have are large and sculptural.

You buy “World Music” cds at the same store where you buy scented candles and little rocks with the words PEACE and LOVE written on them.

Lise the bohemian (1868) – Pierre-Auguste Renoir


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