Fab Finds at the Thrift Shop


Fab as in fabric!  I inherited a love of fabric and textiles, and a desire to accumulate great bits and pieces for future projects.  I did not inherit my mother’s actual skill with a sewing machine, so I stick to simple projects.  I won’t be making myself any tailored pants or pleated skirts.

I had some old jeans I thought I would cut up and use the bits in a patchwork style pillow cover.  I wanted some other fabric to use with the denim and found a cute little dress/tunic thing at the thrift shop.  It is much too small for me to wear but there is plenty there for cutting up into patchwork squares or rectangles.

thrift shop dress and old jeans


Then I found some fun summery looking fabric that looked like something suited to a beach tote  It has a definite border that looks like it should be the bottom.

summer print fabric

It could be a sari for a young girl, there is such a long length of it.  It is stiff and the pattern is painted on so I don’t know how washable it is.  I might actually have it inside out in that picture since the gold paint should be shimmering and there are little glued on “jewels”  It is more of a decorative thing and I am thinking of hanging it on a wall.  I just need to deal with the raw edges and in this case I’m thinking some of the hemming glue might be the right product for the job.  I’ve never used it before.


The last piece is large enough and rectangular enough that I am leaning towards hemming it and making a throw.  It isn’t labelled but I believe it is wool.

cranberry tartan wool

Seemingly simple projects, however I am always long on ideas and short on the doing bit.  I am on a medical leave from work and need interesting but non-tiring activities to do.  The non-tiring bit is not as straightforward as it might seem, since on some days it is too much to shower and get dressed.  And I still have to get my new sewing machine figured out.  I haven’t got a good grasp yet of the different stitches it makes and can’t seem to find the setting for a zig zag edge, which should be pretty basic.


Not pictured, is a large piece of damask that I have had forever and intend to make into a table cloth, however it is white and I want to dye it.  I just haven’t decided what colour but am leaning towards something blue, purple or red.  I have a few clothing items I want to dye too so that is a whole other project.

So with the dying aside, all my sewing projects really entail is some straight seams.  I am fully capable of doing that.  Now that I have publicly announced my intentions I will have to live with the embarrassment of how long it takes me to actually get these projects done!







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