A Bit O’ The Green


Green is one of my favourite colours.  It is very difficult for me to actually claim one favourite colour but green has always been a top choice and I like most shades of it, with mint green perhaps being the only one I don’t care for.

Rather like Ireland, I live in a place that is green year round.  Sometimes we get a bit of snow and sometimes we get a drought that turns natural grassy areas brown, but essentially we are green with grass and conifers and broad juicy leaves most of the time.  It is a backdrop I took for granted until I moved somewhere where it was not so ubiquitous.  A place with few conifers, a place with icy blue winters piled high with snow from which nothing emerged until April.  Even summer seemed more about dry grass and dirt.  I did not stay there long.

The many shades of green available for a garden offer up such interest that some people garden only in green.  They grow non-blooming plants or even cut the blooms off.  Obviously they don’t grow roses.  You don’t grow roses for their foliage!  Unless you live in the Emerald City in the Land of Oz it won’t really be all green, but a garden where foliage is the star makes a soothing change from a garden which is a riot of flower colours.

image via smallconcerns.wordpress.com

image via my.gardenguide.com

image via wallpaperpasion.com

image via cutcaster.com

image via wallpaper4me.com

image via vermontflowerfarm.com

image via dubuquearboretum.com

image via quinnmountain.com

image via kerryg.hubpages.com

image via wiseacregardens.com


image via satrajit.blog.com

image via publicdomainphotos.com

image via celticvoices.blogspot.com

image via travelfix.co.za


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