I have always loved patchwork.  Not the highly formulaic quilts done in new cottons that the local quilter’s guild loves to make and put in a raffle, but the kind made in simple squares using up fabric scrapes.  I first fell in love with a patchwork quilt of this type when I was around eight years old and visiting a friend’s farm.  There was such a quilt draped over a bed and I was spellbound.  It was dark rich fabrics, my memory tells me velvets but it could have been corduroy.  It was something like this….

image via

My eight year old self began collecting scraps of fabric which I cut into squares and stacked in my bedroom closet.  I don’t know what happened to those squares but I never made the quilt I hoped to make.  I still harbour the dream though.  I am going to make a patchwork quilt!

In the meantime I am quite taken with furniture upholstered in patchwork.  I would prefer it to be old and shabby, well worn and well loved, but everything is new at some time or other.  I’m sure my dog and cat could help with the antiquing process.

image via

image via Etsy

I would prefer dark legs on this sweet little piece.

image via

Oh my next car MUST look like this!  Somehow I doubt that fabric would survive the wet coast climate where I live.

On this website above, I discovered a UK artisan, Ginny Avison, who creates incredible upholstered furniture in brilliant patchwork designs.  Here are a few samples that appealed to me.

Ginny Avison headboard

Ginny Avison footstool

Ginny Avison bravado chair

Ginny Avison sofa "The Mona Lisa"

Admittedly there is too much pink here for my taste, and I would really prefer the colours a little muddier.  I guess that’s where the dog comes in.  Or I could spill a lot of coffee.

image via

image via

image via

I am always having to eat my words.  Here’s a modern quilt I quite like.

image via

image via

image via

image via

I have tried to find images that are not borrowed from the blogs I regularly visit, though I always prefer those blogs to my own.  Perhaps I will actually make a patchwork something someday.  I should probably start small and upholster a little stool.  I would love to learn how to make an ottoman like the one pictured above.  Surely it only involves sewing straight seams and THAT is something I can do.


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  1. There’s an amazing amount of things that can be done with patchworked pieces, I’m learning. Some of the pictures you showed were very inspirational!

    • Hi Ria, thanks for stopping by.
      I went to the thrift shop today and although I bought some clothes for myself, I also bought some that don’t fit me because I wanted to use the fabric for what will be my first patchwork project. I’m going to use some old well worn denim and the dress I bought that is a sort of velour in dark blue with a folk art like floral print on it.

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