Lying Low


I did too much yesterday and have thus spent much of today in bed.   Since one of the things I did yesterday was bake these coconut cookies….

coconut cookies


cookies are all I have eaten today.  The recipe needs a bit of tweaking as I find it excessively sweet.  Sugar helps give cookies their texture as well as sweetness but I am going to experiment with less sugar next time I make these and perhaps try them out as lemon-coconut cookies as well.  Lemon is a good antidote to extra sweetness.

In order to counter all that bad eating I am going to make my super green smoothie.  After I come back from the store with some spinach that it is.  I have yet to convince anyone else in my family to drink this, but I swear it’s quite tasty.

I generally use two whole apples, almond milk or soy milk, sometimes I throw in some Greek- Style yogurt, a few handfuls of baby spinach and if I used unsweetened “milk” I might add a rip banana or sweeten it with a bit of steevia.  My blender has a liquify setting so I can put the apple in cored but not skinned.  It is a beautiful grass green with a creamy taste and texture (unless I don’t blend it enough).  It tastes fresh and light, mostly like apple but with a hint of grassy sweetness.

green smoothie




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