All I Want is a Little Cottage


If I happened to live in South Carolina, this one would do nicely!

Or perhaps I could move to France….

…or the UK.

Perhaps a beach cottage on Rhode Island.

Oh this one in Venice (California not Italy) looks just my style!  When can I move in?

I could buy the plans for this adorable cottage, but I need a place to build it.  I guess I’d need a few other things too.


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    • Thanks, Sarah! That sounds like a book I would love! I love the modern country aesthetic but my natural bohemianism creeps in. Instead of a bohemian in a Paris apartment I am a country cottage bohemian. (In my heart that is-long story short: I am divorced and now live in an apartment and my ex has the lovely home and MY garden) Although I am Canadian, my grandparents were English and my mother was born there. I grew up reading Little Grey Rabbit by Alison Uttley and all the Beatrix Potter books.

      I cut my own hair and have no problem at all grabbing a pair of scissors and hacking at it, but I just couldn’t cut up that skirt so it had to become a bag.


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