Simple Re-purposing of an Old Skirt


Old Thrift Shop Skirt

I have had this skirt for some time, purchased because I fell for the fabric, which is more purple than it looks here, and the embroidery, however the skirt is much too big for me and some of the embroidery is unravelling.  I thought of taking it in, however it is also too short and doesn’t look good on me so I knew it was destined to be re-made into something else someday.

I wanted to try out my new sewing machine, and I must say I did not get too far with figuring out how to make it do the stitches I wanted but at least I could do a straight stitch.  I sewed up the bottom of the skirt so it was enclosed like a bag and  used the draw string ties at the waist to make a loop and hang it on a hook in my bathroom.  Now it is a laundry bag.

Laundry Bag

I also made some granola today.  My two crafty efforts allowed me to avoid other dull chores such as dusting and yet I do not feel I have been a total slug.   I will have to sweep though since I can never make granola without getting some all over the floor!

Home Made Granola

This jar of it is destined as a gift to a neighbour.  Canisters can can always be found in thrift shops and dollar stores.  They make nice gift containers for homemade food items.



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