From Door to Desk


I have been inspired by images of doors turned into tables or desks for many years and have recently purchased a singe French door, pocket style, which I am hoping to use as such.  It will need a sheet of glass on top, which should rest nicely on the mullions as they are all flat faced and level with the other wood parts that surround the glass.  Does that make sense?  It was rather awkward to write that.  The door I bought looks like one of these….

and the place where the inset handle should be is actually a good place to slip cords for electronics through.  I still need to decide on what I will use for a base, but I am leaning towards short filing cabinets as they will then provide drawer space as well.  I don’t know when I will get this project underway as there are two obstacles.  One is cash.  I am on full medical leave and planning a career change.  I need to go from teaching public school to developing a home tutoring business.  Obstacle number two is that being in the process of a divorce, I live in a two bedroom apartment where I keep the spare room available for my teenaged son when he wants to come stay.  So space is a challenge.  I will probably have to make my living room double as an office.

Here are some door to desk transformations from Apartment Therapy.

I found this image here: (sorry I cannot seem to make links work) and it shows what I am hoping to do with a sheet of glass over an old door.

image via

This is what my pocket door looks like, only much more of the white paint is intact.  It would be pretty awesome to have legs like this made. I am not exactly well situated to do this sort of thing…..however there is a guy in my building who might be!

image via

Now this one is a cool idea too!  Very practical.

image via

With time, money and skill a person could get very creative and fancy with a door desk.  I have tons of creativity, not so much of the rest.  I am an ideas person.  I need a money man!  Good looking men between the ages of legal and still breathing may apply.


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