Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!


I love that line and it somewhat abstractedly indicates how I feel about now having accumulated two comments and thus perhaps actual readers for this blog.  I am a totally unskilled blogger so I must profusely apologise about that.  If this blog even lasts it while take me ages to become as skilled and organised as the other blogs I love to read.

As promised, this is a quick snap of the tile I have stashed under my bed, the earth toned glass mosaics lying in wait for he home I dream of someday owning.  Those dreams are currently struggling to keep from becoming nightmares as I face big changes in my life, all of it pretty much resulting in barely any income.  I really cannot complain as I have a cozy and attractive (although complete with popcorn ceiling) two bedroom apartment in a great neighbourhood.  But I will complain!  Because it is not mine to pain purple if I want to, not to mention scrape off that hideous popcorn.  And Although I have what is a generous balcony for most apartments, it is just a balcony when what I want is a garden.

Beggars can’t be choosers, as my grandmother would say.  Here is my secret tile.  I have enough to do an extensive kitchen backsplash or a whole powder room wall.

Glass mosaic tiles in earth tones-cream, rust, moss and grey


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