Bright Pops of Colour-I hate them!


Okay, so I have to make it clear that I love colour.  Every colour that exists has at least one shade to offer up that I love and I cannot live in a neutral colour scheme even if I try.  I just happen to favour colours that are what colour expert Maria Killam calls dirty. ( I guess I’m just a dirty girl.  At least I am when I’m gardening.  Haha!  Okay, bad joke, I  know.

Anyhow I like warm colours that are a bit muddy and cool colours that are a bit gray.  Sometimes I like jewel tones.  But pastels and neons and the current trend for bright “pops” of colour just don’t do it for me.  Pink and yellow show up in many images around the decor blog world, and not long ago turquoise was the it colour.  Supposedly it is orange right now, also known as Tangerine Tango according to Pantone, but I’d say hot pink and lemon yellow are challenging it to live up to that hype.

I like my yellows to be ochre, my oranges to be russet and pink, well, I just don’t want much of it around at all.  I prefer red or purple but the red will have brown undertones and the purple will be violet, plum or eggplant.  Green, one of my favourite colours, can please me by getting warmer or cooler, but kelly green is for plants.

Looking around my home, I am hardpressed to find any of what colour expert Maria Killam calls clean colours.  There is also no pure white, it is always warm white or cream, but there is charcoal gray, black and a variety of browns.

image source unknown to me

The colours on this grid are labelled “Victorian Colours” and I found them on Squidoo.  I probably have all of these colours in my home, although the warm brown-reds and the russet oranges are not represented here.

I usually love colours called Moroccan colours too.  This colour grid was on a website called

I get cool when it comes to blues and greens.  Beautiful watery colours in glass tiles make me swoon.

image via

image via

But now my attention is diverted by these delicious butterscotch candy tiles.

image via

Confession time.  I love glass mosaic tile so much I recently bought a huge box of them at Habitat for Humanity.  They were donated overstock from Home Depot so brand new but great price.  I don’t have a house yet, but I’ve got some tile I’d love to put in it.  Pictures coming soon.


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  1. I like this so much that I’m bookmarking it for future reference. I’ve added some of these colors in my new/old house and this is a nice reference for future updates. I like Maria’s blog too (I think that’s how I found you) and I love your sense of aesthetics!!! Nice score on the glass tile and I can’t wait for your next post!

    • Thanks for visiting and please pardon any technical lack of skill that may come across as poor manners. I am such a luddite. I suppose I should mention that I bought a french pocket door and some louvered doors the same day I bought the tile. Am I insane? LOL

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