Disclaimer I Don’t Expect Anyone to Read


I am a novice blogger and my tech skills are minimal.  I attempt to accurately credit all photos I post here but I have not yet figured out how to provide links.   There is a wonderful blogging community and I enjoy visiting other blogs although I don’t often leave comments, especially if doing so is complicated as it seems to be on some of them.  I have to be logged into WordPress and I forget to do that before I go blog reading.  Currently my favourite blogs are all in my Bloglovin account and I haven’t learned how to list them here with links.  Perhaps it isn’t something WordPress offers.

The main purpose of my blog is personal.  I have embarked on a new course in life; I am divorced and have a much lower income than previously.  I once had a large house and garden; I now live in a rented apartment.  But I hope that will change in a few year so this blog is my dreaming place.  Here I record what I hope for in a home and garden, creating a log of what I like in decor and design.  I don’t know any other method of doing this, of putting words together with images other than here on a blog.  It is just an incidental that it is public.  Readers are welcome but I don’t require them.  I love people, I’m known to be warm and friendly, but I’m also a loner and an introvert by nature.

My iphoto programme is full of photos I have collected from blogs and websites.  Tech challenged as I am, I am unaware of any possible method of captioning or labeling these photos in my  files so they are uncredited and if I put them in the blog I will not be able to accurately credit them.  I can only say that if i use a photo that belongs to you and you wish me to remove it or credit it, please let me know.  I certainly have no intention of claiming the photos are mine!

The purpose of using such photos on this blog would be to provide myself with a method of identifying what elements of the image appeal to me and how I would want to translate that into my own future home.

So this is a personal journal in a public space.  Please feel welcome to look and comment and I would love to meet you.   Making new friends would be a happy side effect to this project.  I feel no obligation to entertain you, but my awareness of the public nature of this blog does show up in my writing.  Perhaps you will actually enjoy visiting me.  I promise to make you a nice hot cuppa and offer a plate of homemade cookies.


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