Answer Me This…..


Just where are these lamps plugged in?

Set from Something's Gotta Give

For years designers have been encouraging us to pull our furniture away from the walls.  First of all that only works if you have a large room, and secondly it doesn’t allow for plugging anything in.  If you have outlets installed in the floor how do you get to them under the rugs?  Do you cut holes in your rugs hidden by the sofas?  Yikes!  That’s all I can say to that.

As someone who more often than not uses the living room as a place to curl up and read, table lamps are important.  If you only want them for mood lighting you can place them on tables that are against the wall.  But for task lighting, reading or knitting being the most common tasks that take place on my sofas, I need table lamps right beside the seating.

In addition to the lighting problem, I actually feel more relaxed and secure with my back to the wall.  I don’t know what that says about me psychologically, but floating in the middle of the room makes me feel a bit vulnerable.  I’m like an animal in my cave.   I snuggle in and keep a watchful eye on the world.


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