Trends I Have to Admit to Liking


I am reluctant to like trendy things.  Mostly I just hate the thought of being trendy or of people walking into my home and thinking, oh she has one of those trendy whatchamacallits.    Sometimes things I have always liked do become trendy though and other times something that really is my style comes to my attention because of it’s trendiness.  This brings about the pros and cons of availability.  If it is trendy it is easier for me to get one.  It is also easier for everyone else to get one.

I don’t buy things because I want a little splash of the latest trend, I buy it if I love it and will keep it even when the trend is over.  The best thing about the trend ending is that I will find things I like in the thrift shops when people ditch them and move on to the next trend.

One of those trends is grey.  I love charcoal grey, slate grey, although not pale greys.  Grey as a trend is replacing brown as the neutral of the moment.  I still love brown too.  I have lived long enough to see them both trendy more than once so I don’t worry  anymore about whether it is in or not.  I just go with what I love.

image via

Just an interjection here-I intensely dislike grey and yellow together and pretty much most bright yellows in general.  Only lemons look good in this colour.


Moroccan pouffes in warm earthy shades of leather or kilim textiles have won my heart.  Please no neon colours or pink!

image via

image via


image via

I’m wondering if I can make one of these rectangular or square shaped ones myself.  What are they stuffed with?

Pouffes make great extra emergency seating or an extra table with a tray placed on top.

The asian inspired ceramic stools, another item that can work well as a little table, have grown on me and I have found some I would love to have in my home.

image via

image via

I’m not sure how trendy the next one on my list is, however, I did not think of it myself; I have seen it around on design blogs and other decor images and fallen for.  I love the look of black doors and even black trim.

image via

I don’t like the chairs but I love this trim!  I feel a bit steampunk!  As far as I know that’s the end of my trend-love.


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