Thrift Shop Addict


I went to Value Village today.  They are a bit pricier than the charity thrift shops although they have a huge selection and generally good items.  I didn’t even go near the books and clothes but had a lovely time in the housewares section.

I had only been shopping for three minutes when I got the distinct impression there was a woman following me around.  I could see that she was watching what I put into my cart.  Eventually she said, “You look like you know what you are a good decorator.  I think I will follow you around.”  And she did!  It was a little annoying and a little flattering.  We chatted as we shopped, exchanging our bargain hunting tips and explaining what we might do with the various things we found.  She usually shops on Tuesdays, she says, because there is a discount for those over sixty.  She observed that I did not look like I could benefit from that event.

When I bring items from a thrift shop home, I usually purge as well.  My junk will become someone else’s treasure.  Out goes stuff that I don’t really like, no longer use or made a mistake in purchasing.

Here is what I bought today.  Missing from the photo are a large turkey roaster with lifting rack that I bought for my ex.  Yes, I know, that’s a serious thrift shop addiction if I buy things for my ex.  It is in excellent condition.

The picture frames will lose the cheap “art”, the silver needs a bit of cleaning and the linens all need to go in the laundry.  That paisley upholstery fabric is destined to become an ottoman or large floor cushion.  It is my goal to learn to sew a pouffe and I think I will do one in mixed fabrics so some of that fabric will go into that project too I suspect.  The large basket is meant to encourage my son to put his dirty clothes in it instead of all over the bedroom floor.  The wicker ball is for the cat to play with.  She loves it and did not like me taking it away for the photo shoot.

Also not in the picture are the pretty matte glaze violet bowls I bought for the cat’s food and water.  Those were immediately put into use and I forgot to add them to the collection on the table.   A galvanized aluminum bucket is not visible in the photo.  the stack of linens includes a pillow cases, a table cloth, a duvet and a bed sheet.  All in natural fibres of lovely thickness.  It would not surprise me if I dye the table cloth purple.  I am loving purple quite a bit these days, plums and eggplant colours and even, veering a little towards pink in a deep violet shade appeals to me.  I am very cautious about pink.


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  1. Hi There….not sure where I found you but I do like what you found at Value Village. I don’t know if we have any of those in AZ or not….I’ll have to go on the net and see. BTW….I like that you are a word press blogger…..I use Blogger and they are getting so open about everything that I’m considering changing.


    • Thanks for visiting me. I used to use Blogger a few years ago. Stuff happened in my life and I didn’t blog for awhile and then I forgot my password and had deleted my old e-mail and that was it-locked out of my blog! I have not gotten the hang of everything here at wordpress but I’m learning. I’m not terribly tech savvy.

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