Oatmeal and Contemplation


My Breakfast

I have just finished eating my oats and yogurt although it is nearly noon.  It isn’t that I slept so terribly late but rather that I was distracted and did not make a meal.  The kettle is on for tea now.  I have been busy contemplating.  Mostly I am contemplating my books and my lack of nice shelves.  My lack of any shelves in fact.  Something must be done about this.

The less than beautiful paperbacks which I have read at least once but cannot part with are stacked in my bedroom.

The stack of books in my bedroom.

Note to self: this summer strip the white paint off that little table.

My cat thinks this pile of books is a climbing toy.  My cat has many ideas incompatible with my own.  As I cooked that yummy breakfast oatmeal I stood in a puddle of water created by darling kitty who loves to dump out her water dish.  I hate wet socks.  Sophie is her name, but I think it should be Trouble.  She likes to be in my photos too.

Wow that's an interesting wall.

Does this chair make me look fat?

Anyhow, back to the books.  There is also a pile of books that are my second hand finds and brand new splurges all awaiting my undivided attention. They need a home too.

I tremble with anticipation.....or maybe that's just a blood sugar drop.

I do have a pretty stack of old hardcovers.  I remove the dust jackets because I prefer the muted colours of the original covers.  But most of my purchases are paperbacks, read for pleasure not intended to act as art or trophies in my home.

I live in a rented two bedroom apartment.  I am not to blame for the colour on the walls or that nasty beige carpet.  But I am to blame for the unruly piles of books and I have yet to find a solution that appeals to me.   Perhaps I should just open up a second hand book shop.


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