Some Things I Dislike.


I spend a fair amount of time looking at design and decor blogs and other websites online, as I dream of the home and garden I hope to have in a few years.  It is a bit exciting to think I might have the chance to decorate a home entirely according to my own taste, since I now do not have that husband with opinions that I once had.  Oh darn him and his opinions.

I am not a follower of trends particularly, although it sometimes happens that something I like becomes trendy.  There are some things that have been trendy of late which I just cannot stand, and when I buy a magazine that is filled with nothing but images of this I am so disappointed.  Well actually I am smart enough to flip through the magazine and look before I buy, so really what happens is that I am disappointed because I don’t buy the magazine.

In no particular order here is some stuff I hate.

The ghost chair.

image via

Lucite in general is not to my liking.

image via

Cowhide rugs…and that includes you, faux zebra!

image via

image via

Mid Century Modern-all of it!  It reminds me of my mother in-law’s decor which is so dated it’s in again.  It reminds me of my great aunt whom I guess was pretty hip to have this stuff.

image via apartmenttherapy.comimage via

Tulip tables and the hideous chairs that go with them.

image via flickr

Decorating with “pops of colour”.  I want to scream every time I hear that expression and I HATE pops of colour.  Shall I tell you how I really feel about it?

image via

Oh look! Pops of Tangerine Tango!  At this point I have to add that my blog is named for my favourite drink and not for the current colour declared trendy by Pantone.

image via

Real or faux, the antlers have to go!

image via

See that?  I have to spend some time here!

Just say, “NO” to faux!  I rarely looks legitimate.

image via

I love weathered finishes and old wood, but only when it’s real or good enough to fool me.

Most graphic prints don’t appeal to me, especially when they are brightly coloured.  They are too stiff and too loud for my taste.  Ikat stand it!

Pottery Barn

image via

image via

I’m okay with small doses of this one from Amazon.  Maybe it’s a bit softer, more subtle somehow. And I love the blue.

Can you say, “done to death”  boys and girls? Starburst mirrors: enough already!

image via

So, just a few of my least favourite things.  Even if I find a sunburst mirror I like, I will refuse to decorate with it on principle!


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