Decorating My Studio


Last time I was furnishing by dream loft studio.  I am not someone who can leave a room alone though so I will add and take away endlessly.   Today I am adding.

It’s a large room and it will need some rugs.  How do I choose?  How do I narrow it down?  Maybe I don’t have to. The more rugs the merrier, right?

I love this one.

image via

And this one.  Which is quite something for a girl who isn’t too fond of stripes.

image via

image via

I might have to put this one in the sun to fade it a little.  It’s too new looking.

image via

I need some fabulous lighting too.  Let’s start with chandeliers.  Maybe this one.

image via

But I don’t think I can live without this one!

image via

image via residential

image via

The rustic spherical lights are trendy right now but I have to admit I love them.  The oval above is a little different.

I will want a low table near the sofa.  Probably something made with reclaimed wood.

image via

image via

And a funky industrial looking table lamp for reading.

image via

I love baskets, but his one is made with iron chain link!  How cool is that? I would typically fill a basket with magazines but I think this one stands alone as art.

image via

So maybe this basket for magazines.

image via

Well, that’s a start.  I love my studio!  Perhaps I should add a bed and a full kitchen.


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