A Little Bohemian Art Studio For Me


I would start with a loft like room, with exposed brick and large windows.  Something like this.

image via eychner.com

A gorgeous hammered sink like this….

image via houzz.com

Installed into something like this antique table.  Oh it needs a faucet too!

image via remodelista.com

image via cottage-stylefurniture.net

The table can also support a microwave and kettle with tea/coffee supplies.  Some baskets would fit nicely onto that lower shelf to keep supplies looking tidy.  And a small bar fridge beside it.

image via crateandbarrel.com

image via alibaba.com

Some shelves made of reclaimed wood are a lovely idea for storing art supplies but I love these so much I want them in my kitchen to.

image via remodelista.com

image via sageatelier.com

image via finearttips.com

A rustic metal cabinet for more storage of creative supplies.

image via elemental.co.uk

A sofa and some cozy pillows in case I need a nap.

image via remodelista.com

image via veneerdesigns.com

image via jreneeonline.com

image via dickblick.com

image via mdantiques.com

An easel and table for my painting and collaging.  And maybe two of those tables so one can be for sewing.

I could keep on filling up this room with both practical and beautiful things.

I think it needs some dramatic drapes so I’ll just add one more thing…..

via google images

This is too much puddling on the floor, but I think these rich looking velvet drapes will do quite nicely.


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