Alchemilla mollis


Doesn’t the name just roll of your tongue?  Alchemilla mollis.  The common name is Lady’s Mantle but I could say alchemilla mollis all day.  You might in fact accuse me of attempting to do so right now.

image via

image via

image via via wikipedia

So why do I love this plant so much?  In addition to it’s own beauty, this plant makes a beautiful companion plant for so many others.  With flowers like chartreuse baby’s breath and wide leaves with scalloped edges, it offers something to contrast with nearly every other foliage and flower type in the garden.  While I would never chose chartreuse as my favourite colour, it is amazing how this colour looks so good with every other colour except yellow.  I love it with purple, blue, red, pink and even dark orange flowers.  If you aren’t in love with alchemilla mollis you haven’t tried it.

image via

image via

image via

Have I convinced you yet?


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