Garden Walls


It really isn’t done in my part of the world, but I do love garden walls.  Old stone or brick…sigh…..just lovely.  We are cedar fence country.  This fence is beautiful and I love it.  But I am still dreaming of a garden wall.

image via gardening gone

image via above website

image via

image via homeklondike.comimage via

image via

image via

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image via

I had a small stone walled area in my previous garden.  It was just a little lower than this one above and we used it to hide an unsightly concrete retaining wall at the back of our property.  The retaining wall supported an even uglier chain link fence which we covered with vines.  At the time, it was a project meant to make the best of an ugly feature, but now I see it as a good way to create this look in a garden smack in the middle of a subdivision where you are surrounded by neighbours and a much less expensive option than an eight foot wall.


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