White Garden: The Smaller Things


There are plenty of bulbs to choose from for a white garden but my favourites are quite classic.  I think my tendency to waver a little from the theme is likely to happen in early spring, when some splashes of colour are welcome after winter.  The winters are quite green where I live and although there might be one or two brief snowfalls,  the snowdrops actually last longer than the winter snow.

image via plantandflowerguide.com

By the time the crocuses are in bloom I will be sprinkling in a little purple.

image via bigflowers1.com

Can you really blame me for finding these irresistible?  I love crocus bubls planted into the lawn where they can naturalize.  It works well in my part of the world because by the time the lawn is ready to be mown there is just foliage left and it can handle a little trim.

image via americanmeadows.com

another pretty little bulb that naturalizes well into lawns is the fritillaria and it can also be found in purple and white.   I have not has as much luck in getting them to multiply as readily as the crocus but you can be sure I will keep trying.

image via freeimagefinder.com

Narcissus Thalia and Poeticus are two of my favourites. More is more and they look best planted in large clumps in a place where they can naturalize.  I like to put them under trees.   The first image is Poeticus.

image via belle-woodgardens.com

image via waysidegarden.com

Thalia is very delicate and suitable for a rock garden. Look at that colour creeping in!  Although this image is not my garden it could be.  I can never seem to keep the colour out.  Orange and purple are quite likely to sneak in.  One of my favourite white flowers is the primrose, but it does come in other beautiful colours as well.

image via elizabethmcgregornursery.co.uk

This is the double flowered variety and not like the primulas that show up at the grocery store every spring.  This one will return in your garden reliably and spread.  It makes a great edger and looks stunning in a shady area. I had some in my previous garden and treasured it greatly.  It is worth remaining amicable with my ex so that I can get some pieces of it.

A bit later in the season, geranium sanguineum album gives a similar look.  One of the best geraniums for easy care, good looks and long bloom time, this is one I would not be without.

image via moodysnursery.com

Astilbe is tall and feathery looking and needs large leaved companions.  This variety is Bridal Veil and is my favourite of the many white cultivars available.

image via garden-share.com

Peonies, daylilies and Siberian irises are plants I also cannot be without. I received a peony like this one as a gift and it is my favourite.  It was unnamed but the website where I found this image identifies it as ‘Immaculee’.

image via americanmeadows.com

Hemerocallis ‘Gentle Shepherd’ is a classic white daylily but there are thousands of cultivars and plenty to choose from.  I would look for fragrance and repeat bloom.

image via horiplex.gardenweb.com

image via gorgetopgardens.com

Okay, I know.  This isn’t white.  But it’s my very favourite siberian iris.  Maybe I will have to put it somewhere else in the garden.  It has a white edge, does that count?

It’s time to have lunch.  And since I’ve suddenly veered away from white flowers perhaps it’s time to pause.  I have had so much fun dreaming about these flowers my tea has gotten cold.  I forgot I made it.  Sigh….oh that iris!


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