Split Design Personality


I am drooling over the images on this beautiful blog. Where whites, creams and pale rustic textures blend to create a layered effect that is anything but boring.  I have never lived with a white on white scheme and I don’t know if I could, yet I am increasingly drawn to it, especially when it looks like this.  I once tried an all white garden and I couldn’t help it-colour crept in!  I love colour!  Rich tones, dark tones and muted tones are my favourites.  I like my blues a bit grayed and my greens mossy, my oranges burnt and my reds a little muddy. I love my yellows dirty like ochre.  I am really tempted to try this cream on white scheme that uses texture more than colour.  The colours are subtle but there is nothing stark about it.  I loathe the stark modern white decor.  I crave warmth and softness.


Browsing online, I found this site.


This source of French Country loveliness is not far from me, but I would be afraid to look at the price let alone the shipping fees.  I love the time worn patina of this gate I found on their website.

Rustic Beauty

Love this simple pendant fixture.

A touch of black can work in a neutral space too.  A bit of wrought iron or some painted furniture appeals to me.

Weathered black chest

From Woodland Creek Furniture,  made from reclaimed wood.


I need this!

And some pretty accents that are useful too. I am always drawn to weathered terra cotta pots and old wash tubs and watering cans in my garden.  These items tend to spill over into my home too.

....this one is from http://www.bevsbaskets.com

French country can get a little too sweet for my taste, but I am in love with the rustic, time worn textures of these items.  Now, how do I reconcile that with what I create as an artist drawn to colour?

Painted by me, Jan. 24, 2012

Spring Bud


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