A Cluttered Mind


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I will have to admit to my bias immediately.  I always aspire to be organized and I do a fairly good job, but I will never avoid clutter. I do have a cluttered mind.  It is full of thoughts, ideas, questions, things I want to do and make, philosophical ideas and I crave knowledge.  I love to learn, to read, to write, to paint and draw.  I dabble in knitting and sewing and assorted DIY projects.  I dream of a beautiful room to do this in, with a desk for my computer and a large work table.  The room will be beautiful and organized and layered with colour and texture.  A loft with exposed brick walls and large windows would be just perfect!  I’m not going to find that in the small town where I live, on the west coast where brick buildings are vulnerable to earthquakes.  SIGH….

So I dream and get inspired by the Stampington & Company publication Where Women Create.  I am in love with the space belonging to Kristen Alber, owner of Found, a shop of found items for a funky home decor vibe.  Alber is a self taught designer and owns the shop along with her husband.  I could move right into the shop or her beautiful work space.

from Where Women Create, photographer Isaac Bailey

Alber is a proponent of organization and she does it beautifully with shelves layered with binders in a monochromatic cardboard colour scheme and various weathered containers.  This is way beyond anything I will ever have, but the dream inspires me as I  sit in my little beige carpeted apartment and scan the online MLS site for a home to buy.


Kristen Alber’s space on the cover of the winter issue.

Kristen Alber on cover of Where Women Create


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